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Mok Siu Kee Social Media


Meeting with Mok Siu Kee  - 走進莫兆記

Client : Cheerfull Holding - Mok Siu Kee 


The Story :


莫兆記品牌自1970年代已參與鋁門窗及浴屏市場, 期間不斷改良及設計各類型高級門窗產品,務求提供更多選擇給客戶。

Mok Siu Kee, whole subsidiary of CheerFull Holding is the leader of aluminium industry and provide the best quality for many commercial buidling and residents since 1970. They reached out to most of the construction companies but in 2019, MSK has to plan to expand the awareness and reach out to more mass public about their good quality and services.
We helped them to establish the Facebook account and produce a series of interesting topics to arous the interest of their target audience.  




Facebook Link : 莫兆記有限公司 Mok Siu Kee Limited