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Your One Dollar is Our Wholeheartedly Effort

Client: Tao Heung Restaurant


The Story:

Tao Heung haslaunched ‘One Dollar Chicken’ promotion for 22 years and it has been very popular.

However, in recent years, there were rumors that the quality of the chicken is not good—that's absolutely NOT true and we need to fight back.


We created this campaign “Your One Dollar is Our Wholeheartedly Effort” / 您的壹蚊我們一輩子的用心to showcase the story behind this chicken.

From the origin of the chickens, how the farmer raise them, to the chef’s creative recipe to make them the best. The effort and investment is unexpectedly huge.

It's the sweat and tears of the whole team of their lifetime but in contrast, you only need to pay $1 Dollar to enjoy it.

It successfully turned around the image, and make itpopular again this year.