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Be Part Of It


Client: Jeju Shinhwa World

The Website: https://www.shinhwaworld.com/


The Story:

As the best and biggest integrated resort in Korea, JEJU SHINHWA WORLD offers theme park, hotel, casino etc. a full list of entertainment facilities. 

It is so universal and unique that no matter where are you in the world, you can’t wait to be part if it!


You’ll never get bore once you enter this world:

The theme park will make you laugh and scream hard;

The world class hotel to let you enjoy and relax totally; 

Shop and dine, also the event are stimulate your senses;


We revamp this official website for them, which is the door for people to enter this world.

If anyone anywhere who wants to go for a holiday, JSW will definitely be the top of mind. 

They’ll be eager to be PART OF IT thru this site.